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Auburn State Theatre Executive Committee and Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Kevin Odell, President
Mike Holmes, Vice President
Colleen Sands, Secretary
Debra Oldziewski, Treasurer
George Graziano, Past President
Paul Ogden, President Emeritus
Patti Baker
Cheryl Maki
Kathy Sands
Chris Walsh

Board of Directors

Patti Baker
Paul Breckenridge
Monroe DeJarnette
Sue Dings
George Graziano
Mitch Hanna
Mike Holmes
Al Lombardo
David Mackenroth
Cheryl Maki
Kevin Odell
Debra Oldziewski
Paul Ogden
Dean Prigmore
Colleen Sands
Kathy Sands
Chris Walsh

Auburn State Theatre Board Meetings

If you would like to be a guest at a board meeting, please email the office at